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Board of Directors

Sigurd Aase, Chairman

Mr. Aase has 25 years experience with the oil & gas industry, hereunder as part owner of Petrotech and fully owned Fluenta. Mr. Aase has established a host of successful businesses and is the Chairman of Ymir Energy, which is Crudecorp’s largest shareholder.


Stig M. Herbern, Board Member

Stig Herbern is the Chairman/member of the Board of a large number of companies including Ventelo, Broadnet, DTZ Real Capital and Folkia. He has previously served companies like NRK, Virtual Garden, InFocus, Djuice AB, DaVinci, Agresso/Unit4, Birdstep, Icesoft, NewMediaScience and Aspiro as well as many of Telenor and Ventelo’s subsidiaries.

Herbern was previously the CEO of Ventelo AS, Sr.Partner in Credo Partners AS, CEO of Telenor Mobil, Telenor Privat and Telenor Media. Prior to this he was principal of the Oslo Handelsh√łyskole and worked several years in The Coca-Cola Company. Stig holds an MBA from Arizona State University.


Eystein S. Aase, Board Member

Eystein Aase was elected to the board of directors of Crudecorp ASA in April 2013. He has experience from the oil and gas industry as a long time Board member of Fluenta, a flare-gas measurement company. Eystein also serves on the board of Ymir Energy, which is Crudecorp’s largest shareholder.



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